Are you a Women Speaker’s Association Premier Member? Have you begun to benefit from the perks?

I’m very keen to start progressing with the new chapter of the Midlands Women’s Speakers Association during the course of the coming month, and have begun preparations for becoming the, ‘go to’ place for event organisers who require high value women speakers, generally and specifically.

To this end, I would like to start gathering the details of all Premier Members for the purpose of promoting your expertise.  Therefore, please can you provide me with the link to your eSpeakers profile once you have completed it; and the link to your WSA TV interview once you have completed that also?

These two tools, alongside the many others available to you as a Premier Member are fantastic for aiding your promotion as a world class speaker.  To support and promote you and the Midlands Chapter, I am in the process of engaging with event organisers and establishments whom require speakers ongoing either for the stage, their boardrooms or their media outlets (radio and TV).  It is therefore important that we are able to show our range and depth of expertise so that we are able to increase the environments for which we are invited to speak, and establish ourselves as a high quality resource for local and national events.

TIP: Do you own your domain name?

I would like to encourage all of you to purchase your own name as a domain name moving forward (if you haven’t already done this).  I do recognize that many will have purchase to domain names for their businesses, but in developing your personal brand this may not be the most effective way to market yourself as a speaker.  I am making this recommendation primarily for two reasons: the first being that as your profile increases as an International Speaker and Expert, you may find that you require it, and by then it could have been purchased by someone else thus making it potentially a very expensive purchase, if available to you at all (this does happen, and friends and colleagues who have become high profile quickly through TV and radio appearances for example, have in fact run into this problem). Secondly it may assist event organisers, and those looking for experts to find you more easily.  You may choose to build a website under your ‘own name’ domain, as I have at,; but it is not absolutely necessary, as you can in turn point your domain to either LinkedIn or your eSpeakers profile, as I have done with  If you would like any further information about this or assistance to purchase your domain name at a reasonable price or to put together your eSpeakers profile, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.