With the right knowledge, skills and support you can achieve your financial and money goals more quickly!


Do you want to achieve more with more money?
Does money make you fearful or worried?
Are you determined to start a business, buy a property or even invest?

If so then Money Coaching could be for you through,
– one-on-one coaching and financial development
– money circle coaching
– money couples coaching
– workshop and events

Join a Money Circle Coaching group

A great alternative to individual money coaching, money circle coaching provides you with an opportunity to learn alongside like-minded peers.

Through the money circle not only will you you gain a better understanding of your own relationship with your money and the limiting patterns and beliefs that are hindering your financial success; but you will also develop with a group of individuals with whom you can share knowledge, experience and opportunities moving forward.

Spaces are available for money circles focused on,

Budget, Save and Grow (normally £250, limited offer, £99)
In this money coaching circle you will,
– identify patterns impacting your budget
– develop knowledge and tools for better budget management
– tackle debt and build credit
– make better financial decisions
Programme starts, Wed 30th Oct 2019

Get My Money Working for Me  (normally £450, limited offer, £199)
In this money coaching circle you will,
– gain knowledge of investment options available to you based on your budget
– gain an understanding of your risk profile and how that impacts your investment choices
– start to invest and get your money working for you
– develop a plan for your investment portfolio

Programme starts, 12th Jan 2020

Get My House in Order (normally £450, limited offer, £199)
In this money coaching circle you will,
– identify the real challenges associated with your home purchase
– develop a plan and contact base for achieving your goal in a specific time frame
– gain clarity on all options available to you based on your current circumstances
– build your credit profile
– make better financial decisions

Programme starts, 8th Jan 2020

Know your Money  (normally £250, limited offer, £99)
In this money coaching circle you will,
– gain an understanding of financial terms and jargon
– develop an understanding for the basics of good financial and money management
– gain an understanding of how to select the right financial information and advisors for your individual needs
– make better financial and money decisions.

Programme starts, Sun 3rd Nov 2019
Groups are limited to a maximum of 8. They are held over 8 weeks, 1 session per week. Real tasks to complete and real results.
Joining a coaching programme also connects you to our specialist team of financial advisors and consultants. Meaning that your mortgage, company accounts or even next car purchase is handled by specialists allocated to you based on your individual circumstances.
Enrol on the next money circle coaching program now to benefit from the limited special offers.

One-2-one Money Coaching

Our relationship and therefore success with money is determined by a number of factors. Through one-2-one money coaching you will not only gain more knowledge about money itself as a resource, but also gain insight into your underlying patterns, behaviours and beliefs associated with money and your management of it.

From that you will be able to to develop and complete realistic action plans to achieve your goals with the right tools and support in place to help you achieve your goals.

Individual coaching is based on weekly or monthly sessions. Contact us for more information on packages and rates.

Money Coaching for Couples

Money is still one of the main reasons for divorce and break-ups. That’s because individuals will come into a relationship with different attitudes towards money, patterns of behaviour, fears and beliefs.

Through this form of coaching a couple will gain a better understanding of each other’s financial personalities and gain tools for working together to achieve that individual and joint financial goals over the course of a minimum of 4 sessions.

Learning to save could save your relationship.

Contact us for couple coaching packages and rates.