Creating Solutions for 17 Years

Her passion for business and enterprise began early. Having been brought up in a family business, the art of making money and developing successful strategies for business growth seemed to come easy; and as a consequence her achievements to date include the successful development of a number of new start-up businesses for her clients, as well as restructuring and re-engineering organisations both as a Strategist, Consultant and Non-Executive Board Member. Her main drive is to share the simplicity of entrepreneurship and to work with her clients to achieve their personal and business goals.

Some of her proudest moments have included being awarded the REEBA Award Winner for Mentor of the Year 2015; Winner of the Most Enterprising Young Business Person of the Year in 2006, and being referenced by author Dr C Johnson in his publication focused on British Caribbean Businesses.

Merisha excels in supporting others to achieve, gain further skills, create growth, secure new contracts and develop efficient and effective businesses. She has recently added Money Specialists to her repertoire of ventures, through which she helps individuals to achieve Financial Freedom and develop investment strategies for Wealth Creation.

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