Another great perk of being a Premier Member of the Women Speakers Association, is being invited on to WSA TV. Not only is it great to be profiled as an expert to an international community, but it was great to meet with yet another Women Speakers Association member, Tennis Fitness Coach, Suzanna McGee.

The interview with Social Media Marketing Consultant, Laura Rubinstein (aka, Coach Laura) of Transform Today was interesting and enjoyable and offered me another opportunity to practice being on camera, one of the personal challenges I set for myself this year! I’m still not used it, but I am feeling better about it and I am grateful for the personal development opportunities that the Women Speaker Association continues to offer.

I would love to know your thoughts (please comment below) and if you are interested in being on WSA TV, and having your moment for #speakerchat, join the Women Speakers Association and start to reap your rewards.